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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Durian - the stink weed of the fruited tree: love/hate

I have no idea what got into me but when I saw the big spiked fruit, I had to have a taste. It is back in season along with rambutan. (Ram boo tan)

 First select your weapon/fruit. Point, the market man will get it. Stand back. I picked a small one, think of a football with spikes and sort of squish it in a ball. A smallish basketball with spikes? Note the gloved hand of the slicer upper.
 Not sure what happened to the photo. He cuts into it, figures out where the "pockets" are in the fruit then slices away.
 He opens it with skill and precision. He then removes the soft fleshy parts you want to eat.
 Voila - the stink weed is ready to eat. Each portion comes in a tear drop shape. There is a pit inside. You can dry the pit and roast it. Tastes like almonds I'm told. I got five or six of these in varying sizes for 120 baht. I do no work and can eat as it. Each portion is wrapped in a light waxed paper.
Here is one of the five or 6. I put it in my hand to give you an idea of how much you get in each piece.

You quickly get beyond the stench. What does it taste like? A sweet butter consistency custard. To die for. It has a rich taste, not unlike Bird's Eye custard come to think of it. It smells like a dead rat. But if you can handle Camembert rind you will have no problem. I eat that poopy smelling cheese rind and all.

The King of Fruit is ready when it drops from the tree.   Many people get killed by dropping fruit every year. So many in fact that tree geneticists are trying to make the trees grow smaller/shorter.

I'm convinced I could live on mung beans and durian. The two are so rich in all we need to stay healthy.

http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/fruits-and-fruit-juices/2088/2  The link will take you the analysis.

Amazing fruit even if you can't eat it in parks and subways. Please moms, never send it with kids to school in their lunch (unless you are rigging up payback).

As my father said when I was a kid eyeballing the scalloped potatoes, "You won't know you don't like them until you try them."

Native to Asia, there are many varieties but only nine are edible. Nutrients will blow your socks off. And it is a good mask for the face. Even the husks apparently keep the mozzies away.

I love it raw. I wouldn't dream of cooking it spoiling/diluting the taste and texture.We get durian dried fruit snacks but they too disappointing to bother with. Like my mango licorice.

There is a recipe I saw involving durian and chicken but I'm not eating bipeds these days. Or four beaters, or swimmers. Or eggs, or cow juice.  I'm trying something new, soy what?

If there is an Asian market, trust me, by the second bite you'll thank me. And your body will be grateful, durian is loaded with the really, really good stuff.

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