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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Malaysian Flight 370

Dreadful news. I've been churning over this event. Can't imagine the horror the families/friends are experiencing.

Life has been ticking along in Bangkok. The Bangkok Post and The Nation have done a pretty efficient job keeping us informed and updated. Traffic is better now that intersections have been opened and athough the squabbling won't end soon at least the mood is calming down from what I read.

I said goodbye to three students, one off on a PhD in N. America, another off to an 8 week intensive language course of study in the UK and one more is off to NZ for 10 weeks exchange where he will attend a NZ school. Each one takes a bit of your heart as they leave the nest but teachers have to let go when the time is nigh.

Not ready to get into novel conversation about my manuscript yet. Going to ease back into it.

Did a bit of travel, Koh Chang, Kancanaburi, (where the River Kwai is), paid my respects at the cemetery. Always a bit of a shock to walk through these beautifully kept grounds with so many headstones from so many countries.

I can't really express the extent of emotions that hurtle through me as I walk through the headstones. This was my second trip and as powerful as the first.

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