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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Judgement Day: Friday the 13th, tomorrow. Tourists take note.

From today's Bangkok Post:

Mr Korkaew, who has warned of the distinct possibility of civil war if the decision goes against the government, said he was worried that the red-shirts would be manipulated by ill-intentioned people intent on inciting violence. Police have also prepared helicopters for the evacuation of the judges if necessary, he added. http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/302128/pm-asks-all-parties-to-accept-verdict

In his soft-speaking monotone, the party list MP (Korkaew Pikulthong) threatened Constitution Court judges that they would be kidnapped by the people and charged with treason if the court ruled against the government’s charter amendment bill this Friday.
He incited hatred of the ammart (elite) clique, accusing them of plotting a coup against the government by mobilising people to confront the red-shirt supporters, leading to violence that would justify the military intervening and seizing power.
He (Mr Korkaew) told red-shirt followers to brace for an all-out civil war, asking them to stay home and wait for his signal. "Once you hear a whistle blow, pack your bags and bid farewell to your family. Then it will be a decisive fight for us," he was quoted as saying.
A huge judgement is being handed down tomorrow. The above quotes are from today's Bangkok Post. Shudder. 

Take care tourists. There could be trouble. If you read the articles you will know what shopping area to keep away from.

Be safe.   

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