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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 dead, another bus accident. 7 killed in van crash


17 more hurt, many seriously injured. Can the carnage end? My best advice is to fly to where you want to go. This is another example of how unsafe tourists are here. So sad, so unreal. 10 people who were alive yesterday are not alive today. My mind is blown. I can't imagine 10 bodies, lives snuffed out like this.

 Road transportation is deadly here. Beware.

The link will take you a popular foreigner site. The photos of the bus are horrendous. It looks like it went through a machine blender. Absolutely horrendous. I can't believe anyone survived the wreck. 
Terrible tragedy.  http://teakdoor.com/thailand-and-asia-news/110137-bangkok-surat-thani-bus-crashes-10-a.html

I missed the van crash. The vehicle hit a tree head on, killing 7 day before yesterday. 8 injured. Driven by a 19 year old. You can't get a commercial licence until 20 years of age.  One girl had graduated from university and was returning home.

The magnitude of these accidents is staggering.

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